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4 August
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I'm 23, currently studying translating in Antwerp, after my years in Leuven studying English and Dutch literature and linguistics. I live at home with my parents and sister. I have a dog, an aquarium with tropical fish, a bird, and a bunch of other animals in the garden. I love to read books. Those include real literature, but also thrillers, detectives, horror novels and historical novels. I love to watch movies, in the same genres as the books. I'm a Sims 2 addict, although I spend more time on sims-related forums than I do in game. My favourite animal is the giraffe, closely followed by the sea horse, sea dragon, elephant and zebra. I love to travel, but unfortunately I don't have the money to do it. I'm crazy about languages and one day I want to be able to understand (and hopefully speak) 20 different languages. At the moment I'm nowhere near that number. There's only Dutch, English, French and German which are quickly disappearing due to disuse, some Latin that's left from highschool, and a tiny bit of Spanish.