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Eva's Jungle
9 Mar, 2011 - Resized Knight Statue
First, announcement: If you have registered at the medieval sims forum, and would like to vote for the forum name, now would be the time to do so. Voting ends on Friday. Vote here.

Secondly, another statue in 5 sizes:

Get it here.

This and two other Castaway sculptures in several sizes, find them at the forum.
4 Mar, 2011 - Bearded Axe

A bearded axe in 3 sizes. Each size comes in 2 versions: leaning against the wall and lying on the floor.

2 Mar, 2011 - Viking Shields

Just some viking shields to hang on your walls, or to lean against them.

Can be downloaded here at the new forum specifically for medieval simming. Check out the rest of the forum too!
29 Jan, 2011 - WIP: Medieval Bakery

Just a little picture of what I have so far for the medieval bakery.

29 Jan, 2011 - Tennis
Yessssssssssss! Kim Clijsters has won the Australian Open!

(You don't want to know how much time I've spent watching tennis instead of studying the past week)
I'm just making a little list of all the stuff suitable for medieval games that I want to make. I've been collecting suggestions over at GoS, but I'm putting it up here so that I have it all in one place and feel more obligated to actually finish them.

Hat's Saints (you'll see what I mean by that)
+ worshipable altar?


Owls (+ maybe as a parrot pet variant)
Does (maybe)
Sheep, because Sunni wants to be able to sheer her sheep and Blacky's don't come with that option :P
More bears

Profession clutter:

Butcher --> meat
Weaver --> loom, spinning wheel, baskets of wool, carding combs, spindles, baskets of thread, rolled or folded cloth,
Cobbler --> shoes, tools
Bakery --> oven, bread (single, on boards, in baskets), cakes, gingerbread, sacks of flour, salt, yeast, kneaded dough, rising dough, rolling pins 
Farmer --> plow, feed and water troughs, haystack, scarecrow,

Other random ideas:

Deco roofs
Water well
Hourglass (as alarm)
Church bells
Filled or empty baskets
Kitchen clutter
Place settings
Chairs and benches
Peddler's carts
Quills + pen replacement

Presently too difficult:

Glassless windows

If you play a medieval game and have more suggestions, feel free to post them.

First of all, a late happy birthday to xpinkyhayzx and to Fran (CuriousB/Bagfran)!

Secondly, a late Happy Newyear to all of you!

Thirdly, I have a new layout. Should be much easier on the eyes :)

And lastly, I participated in BPS and GoS's Secret Santa events this year.

At BPS, I made a gift for Amythestfenix. I made her the Pottery Barn Farmhouse canopy bed and matching endtable, and some deco clutter.

More pictures and download links this way.Collapse )
I have exams until the 31st of January, so I'm trying not to make anything until then. Which is hard, because creating is a lot more fun than studying. The next set I upload will definitely be medieval though.

ETA Nearly forgot. Remember the pigs and boars from a while back? RepulsiveDesire converted them to TS3.


Today was my day in GoS's advent calendar, so if that picture got you interested, have a look at what I posted. There's bedding, camels, hares/rabbits and deer bucks.
31 Oct, 2010 - The Dead

This is my contribution to Garden of Shadows' monthly theme. (Yes, I am starting to get the feeling that all I ever make is for someone's monthly theme ...)

10 new meshes included: 4 tombstones, a coffin, a shovel, a tomb, a knight statue, a sarcophagus and a skeleton, with 2 recolours.

Psychosim adviced me to make some of the texture sizes smaller to reduce the filesize, so please redownload the set. Most of the meshes now have smaller textures, and I fixed the statue to appear in deco/statues, rather than deco/misc.

More pictures this way.Collapse )
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