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Adele's Worn Beach set recoloured

This was my gift for this month's theme at SimOasis, Fun in the Sun, a theme about summer and beaches.

I pooklet'd the chair, umbrella and starfish lamp in all of the natural and custom colours. The table is slaved to the chair, so it takes the recolours too. The chair wood and cushion can't be recoloured separately, so I decided to use the rather neutral looking Grenade for the cushion part of most of the recolours, and Depth Charge for some of the lighter natural wood colours.

Some more detailed info:
42 recolours of the chair (and table)
42 recolours of the umbrella in pooklet's colours + 13 patterned recolours (see swatch below)
42 recolours of the starfish part of the lamp (A little warning, the darker colours look very dark when unlit, but look ok when lit)
9 recolours of the base of the lamp, in Depth Charge, Dynamite, Fission, Mailbomb, Pipebomb, Primer, Safety Fuse, Timebomb and Volatile.

A grand total of 148. The meshes are included, and can also be found at Adele's site.

The textures then. The textures for the chair (and table, obviously), the starfish part of the lamp and the metal part of the umbrella are simply Adele's textures recoloured. The fabric part of the umbrella and the base of the lamp have been retextured by me.


Credit goes to Adele for the wonderful meshes and part of the textures, to Pooklet for her fabulous actions and to the people at SimOasis who voted for this theme and thus inspired me to make this.

Tags: downloads, medieval, pooklet, recolours
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