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61 recolours of Clutter-a-holic's TS3 to TS2 Torch Fireplace

One more thing to strike through on my list, I pooklet'd and aelia'd Lmhwjs' Torch Fireplace. The original meshes are here. DiscoNinja requested this at GoS, and since I already had it on my to do list anyway, I figured I might as well do them a little sooner than planned.

Something important to know, there's two versions of this fireplace, one with a larger base and one with a smaller base. I did not feel like doing 122 recolours instead of 61, so I slaved the one with the large base to the one with the small base. These newly repositoried meshes are included, of course. I tried to ask Laura for permission, but she hasn't answered my message so far. If I hear back from her and she says no, I might take the meshes down.


All of Pooklet's and Aelia's colours are included and I added a white recolour. The base is the same on all the colours, it's a neutral grey concrete.

Credit goes to Laura for the meshes, and Pooklet and Aelia for the colours. I got the textures off some walls, but I can't remember which or who made them. Sorry!

Tags: aelia, downloads, pooklet, recolours
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