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Eva's Jungle
I write like ... 
13 Jul, 2010
As seen on Alexis' and Garnet 812's Dreamwidths.

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I even tried it with two different texts. Should I be scared now?
13 Jul, 2010 (UTC)
I got James Joyce too (who the heck is James Joyce?)
13 Jul, 2010 (UTC)
Are you serious? James Joyce. Dubliners, Ulysses, Finnegan's Wake, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? He's one of the most famous 20th century modernist writers, but his books and short stories are known for being quite difficult to read and to interpret. He's known for his use of symbolism, the epiphany and the stream of consciousness.
13 Jul, 2010 (UTC)
My phone was absolutely refusing to comment. Anywho...
I did a google search after I put my comment and then realized who James Joyce was. The name did sound family. I'm afraid I have never gotten around to reading anything he had written but now I'm curious to see what his style of writing is like because if his writing is like mine, then maybe one day I could be a world renown author to (but something tells me that's not going to happen anytime soon, LOL)
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