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Uni Build recolours

Kind of forgot about this other thing I uploaded last month, at the Keep. Oops. They're a bundle of recolours of the Medieval build items that came with the Uni EP.

I recoloured the double door, two story door, window and column that came with University. I also made a clone of the connecting column and made that recolourable and slaved it to the regular column. The window recolours come in two versions: with and without the inner beams. I also included a glassless window recolour. Each item has 100 recolours, both of the doors also have 34 recolours of the actual door part (as opposed to the frame). Each of the doors also lends it textures to the corresponding arch, and if you want some more variety, I recommend getting Leefish's Daniel Expansion set, which will also take all of these recolours.

This is a very crappy preview of a few of the recolours in game.

This is a swatch of the textures/colours the items come in.

Each recolour is clearly named, and inside the zip you will also find texture swatches with matching names, so you'll easily be able to identify the recolours you want to delete.

Download at the Keep or directly at Mediafire.

Tags: downloads, maxis, medieval, meshes, recolours
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