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Stuff I've uploaded lately

I've been neglecting this place a little lately. Nothing new there, really. I just got my computer back and I'm reinstalling everything on it, should be able to start working on my CiJ gift soon. I'm still working (at Duracell, you know, from the batteries) until July 29th, which is when the summer will really start for me (and hopefully it will stop raining by then). My grandfather's in hospital with a bad galbladder infection, so there's lots of driving back and forth to the hospital to do too. So I have another busy week ahead of me.

I did upload a few things lately, that I've been meaning to link to from here.

A few meshes converted from a Sims 3 set from Simslulamia, available at BPS, or directly at mediafire if you don't have an account there.

The participation prizes for the Plumb Bob Inn contest, available at the Keep, or directly at

The winner's prizes from that same contest, again available at the Keep, or at mediafire.

Tags: downloads, medieval, meshes, recolours, sims
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