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Viking hood deco

Yes, I'm still alive. I've been very busy finishing everything up for my internship portfolios and writing papers. I handed those all in yesterday, and now I have just one exam left to prepare for.

Anyway, these have been 95% finished for a long time, but I'm finally uploading them.

What is this exactly? 7 neighbourhood decorations (4 buildings, a watchtower, a large monolith and a smaller monolith) and one deco object (the monolith in a smaller version, slightly larger than a sim). In the pictures, you can only see the 4 buildings, the watchtower and the smaller monolith.

You can place them anywhere except for on the water, even on lots.

Made from 3D models and quite high poly in total (not so high poly per square).

Thanks to Lothere and Ladylarkrune for the pictures!


Tags: hood deco, medieval, meshes
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