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Eva's Jungle
19 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
What a gorgeous preview! And what a beautiful telescope, functional and everything!!! :D
20 Apr, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks! Though I can't take credit for the prettiness of the telescope, I just made it functional.
6 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
Gonna go snag this at GOS, but since I don't post there often, I wanted to leave this here for you personally--this is awesome! Thank you for sharing.
7 Jun, 2011 (UTC)
Thank you, for taking the time to comment!
7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Telescope Issues!
Hi, Eva! :D I REALLY love this telescope--it fits very well in my historical 'Hood; however, my sims seem to have an issue with the telescope, each time they -attempt- to use it. The sim constantly resets positions, as soon as they touch the object and turn that little eyepiece toward them. I was wondering, is there anyway to fix this or...is there a fixed version somewhere that I can use? :S

7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!

The jump bug normally means you have the wrong file for your EP combination. Which EPs do you have, and which version did you download?
7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!
I have Double Deluxe, which comes with NL and Celebration. I don't have any other EPs yet. I downloaded the Base Game ones only, feeling certain it would work. But yeah, my sim keeps resetting positions. o.O
7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!
Hmm ok, that's odd. Combo packs screw all sorts of things up, but I didn't know they'd screw up telescopes too.

First of all, did you download the cheap or expensive telescope? I know a tester with Uni and NL but nothing else but that had trouble with the cheap telescope, but the expensive one worked fine for him.

Secondly, since you said Basegame ones, you do have only one version in your downloads folder, right? Not both the cheap and the expensive one? Because they have the same GUID so they would conflict.

Thirdly, do you have any other custom telescopes? Do they work?
7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!
I first downloaded and used only the cheap one. But that did not work. So, I then removed that from my folder and tried the expensive one only. That, too, did not work. xD So, I, lamentably, took both out from the folder and I am currently using a temporary one from Parsimonious here: http://www.parsimonious.org/furniture2/pages/study_k8-Oggs_N_Rose.html And that one does work.
7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!
Ok, the Parsimonious one says it requires Freetime, so try one of my FT versions to see if that works.
7 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!
Yup! The FT version works for me! Thank you for the walkthrough! :D 'Tis greatly, greatly appreciated.
8 Oct, 2012 (UTC) - Re: Telescope Issues!
No worries, I'm glad you got it to work :)
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